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English Learning and Teaching Assistance

Innovate and Empower with Smart Tools

Boost learning with smart tools. Our AI-powered web tools make it easy for learners and teachers to create practice homework, enhancing the educational experience.

English Teachers Training

Efficient and Proven Methods

Our training programs focus on efficient and effective methods based on learner feedback and observed progress. We prioritise dynamic, results-driven approaches over traditional teaching methods.

Private English Learning Consultant

Learner-Centric Development

Elevate your English with our native and bilingual tutors. Embracing learner perspectives, we craft practical and imaginative strategies for an enriching experience. Our dedication to understanding your unique learning needs makes all the difference.

Website Design

For Small Businesses and Personal Use

Launch your digital presence on a budget. We utilise WordPress, the go-to platform for websites, to create user-friendly and feature-rich interfaces tailored to your needs. Our cost-effective solutions are ideal for start-ups and those with limited fund, ensuring a professional website without the hefty price tag.

Online Marketing Consultation

Expert Guidance for Social Media & Podcasts

Navigate the digital landscape with online consultations. We assist in content optimisation for social media, podcast creation, and establishing streamlined SOPs. Unlock marketing excellence.

AI-Integrated Web Tools Building

Stay Ahead with Trending Technologies

Keep pace with the cutting edge by integrating AI into your business tools. We help companies stay ahead by developing AI-integrated web tools, including engaging AI games, that can transform your customer interactions and internal processes.

Clients About Us

I've only been studying English with the Getahead teacher for a few months, but my colleagues have already noticed a difference. They say I'm more confident, fluent, and my accent has improved a lot. I'm also happy that Getahead is committed to training their teachers. With their high standards and professionalism, I'm sure they will do a great job!

Marketing Specialist

I had the privilege of being trained by Getahead's English senior teacher at a different institution. I am thrilled that he has now decided to offer courses for teachers to the public through Getahead. His expertise is invaluable for any aspiring or seasoned teacher

English Teacher

One day, I asked the Getahead tutors for a book recommendation on grammar. To my surprise, the Taiwanese teacher sent me an out-of-print book that she highly recommended. Though it was second-hand, it was in great condition. She mentioned that it was effective, which is why she hadn't needed to refer to it often. I’ve found the book to be practical and memorable. The level of dedication and thoughtfulness at Getahead is truly exceptional

Financial Consultant

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2023 年 7 月 4 日
7 Golden Rules: How to Correct Students' Grammar Mistakes Without Sending Them to Hell

Correcting language mistakes is an essential part of teaching, but how you correct those mistakes can make or break your students' confidence and learning experience. In this guide, discover the 7 golden rules on how to effectively correct students' grammar mistakes without making them feel like they’re in linguistic purgatory.   Why Correcting Errors Matters […]

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2023 年 7 月 3 日
Be the Top-Rated Teacher: 7 Insider Secrets for Language Teachers

Be the Top-Rated Teacher! Language teaching can be incredibly rewarding, but it also comes with the challenge of keeping students engaged and satisfied. In this article, we will uncover 7 insider secrets to help you earn that status.   How can you be the Top-Rated Teacher by being human and establishing genuine connections? Be a […]

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2023 年 7 月 2 日
3 Steps to Tailor Articles for English Lesson Design with ChatGPT

Designing engaging and tailored content is essential for any successful English lesson. With ChatGPT, you can now streamline the process of adapting articles for different English proficiency levels. Let’s dive into the three simple steps to tailor articles for your English lesson design with ChatGPT.   Step 1: Select and Simplify Articles Choosing the right […]

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2023 年 6 月 30 日
ChatGPT ESL Lesson Design: Quick & Easy in 10 Mins with News Articles

Transform your English teaching with the incredible ChatGPT ESL lesson design - it's time to unlock its full potential! With just 10 minutes of your time, you can create personalised and dynamic lesson plans using news articles. ChatGPT makes this process effortless, and we've provided examples of prompts to get you started. Prepare to captivate […]

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2023 年 6 月 29 日
Is That Essay AI-Generated or Not? 5 Ways AI Detection Might Wrongly Accuse Your Students

As educators, we all dream of a utopian academic environment, but AI-generated essays are turning into pesky villains, making the fight for academic integrity an uphill battle. AI detection, often seen as the knight in shining armour, identifies these AI-crafted deceptions. But, what happens when our noble AI detection misjudges and condemns innocent students? Let's […]

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2023 年 6 月 28 日
4 Steps to Generate Lively Discussions with ChatGPT

Any seasoned educator will tell you that the secret sauce to a memorable class isn't necessarily the core content alone; it's also about the lively discussions that spring from it, sparking those "lightbulb" moments for students. This gets the students interested, involved and serves as a great strategy for both warm-ups and cooldowns.   Introduction: […]

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